Cepat Kredit Financing Inc., (Cepat Kredit), a fast-growing Philippine-based startup financing company, has partnered with UBX Philippines Corporation, the Open Finance platform company under UnionBank of the Philippines, Inc. to develop tech-driven options as it aims to serve more Filipinos here and abroad by strengthening its digital capabilities.

“Cepat Kredit is looking into enhancing further its digital capabilities and process automation, so their knowledge and structures for digital transformation will really help. Through UBX, we believe this partnership would be able to help us grow our current operations,” explained Jeno Zarate, president and CEO of Cepat Kredit.

With Cepat Kredit’s objective to upscale its business and reach a larger network of Filipinos, the company is keen on utilizing UBX’s vast network of payment channels to reinforce its collection efficiencies and provide its clients the ease of access to funds. The company is also exploring the platform’s digital lending marketplace, SeekCap, as another touchpoint to bring its financing solutions closer to working Filipinos across the globe.

The partnership with UBX also aligns with the company’s vision to be the preferred and trusted financing partner that provides fast and reliable services for Filipinos here and abroad. Zarate believes that “since Cepat Kredit wants to deliver its promise of fast and reliable services especially to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)–or even the locally employed, it is vital to automate a lot of the processes.”

Apart from payment solutions and the digital marketplace, Cepat Kredit strongly believes that this partnership will help the company to discover other markets, expand current product offerings, and establish digital processes as it actively scales its operations and finds means to meet the needs of the clients.

“It is part of Cepat Kredit’s core values to listen to its clients, so by hook or by crook–with UBX and with other partners, we will try to give more [product options and better services] to them.” Zarate also mentioned that the company is open to other partnerships so it can provide the utmost convenience to its clients as its way to gain trust and support from them.

Cepat Kredit Financing Inc. is one of the leading members of the Asialink Group of Companies and independently operates with its own sales, marketing, and operations team since 2019. The company’s mission is to sufficiently finance the needs of the working Filipinos worldwide. It offers a focused portfolio of products and services to both land-based and sea-based Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), and motorcycle and tricycle unit owners. The company serves over 8,000 clients and has over Php 670M in its current loan portfolio.